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Martine Delaleuf, Presidente

While the main objective of the Salon des Artistes Français (Exhibiton of French Artists) is to perpetuate French artistic history at the same time as offering a prestigious showcase of …

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“The Poetic Reality”

The vivid world of Tomoko Your head begins to spin as you delve into Tomoko’s unique compositions, and yet it is from this starting-point, this feeling of bewilderment, that you …

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“Nature holds beauty, for the artist who has the insight to extract it”

I was amazed and delighted by the way in which the different shapes and images began to flow out from Tomoko’s canvases the first time that I had the opportunity …

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”I would like to create a work that fully expresses my personality, but… there still isn’t one” (Tomoko)

Instead, this work does exist! It is that of her continuous research, her painting that flows without first rationalising about the form, time and meanings (my works bear no message, …

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“Encrypted graffiti pictorials”

The laborious and detail-oriented “Encrypted graffiti pictorials”, which Tomoko Fait creates with a very personal, coded language alphabet of refined expressiveness, draw from the deep reality of her unconscious, of …

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“A Magical Universe of Points”

The art of Tomoko is a special art, different from what we are usually accustomed to seeing. Her work, which has only a hint of ancient Japanese tradition, brings out …

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La genese (70×100 cm – chine sur papier)

La genese (70×100 cm – chine et pastel sur papier)  

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