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Interno 14 – -Roma

PRESS RELEASE – On May 28th, 2015 at 18:30 at Interno 14 _ the AIAC gallery space – the Italian Association of Architecture and Criticism presented “Emotional Emergencies” by Tomoko Fait curated by Ruggero Lenci and Raffaello Paiella.

The world of architects, of which Interior 14 represents one of the leading expressions in Rome, has always been attentive to art and graphics. Therefore, once the gallery had seen Tomoko’s art which is so near to strict two-dimensional representation, it couldn’t help but organise an exhibition. The greatest designers of architecture from the 1900′s used India ink to design and represent their ideas, and some still continue to do so despite the computer. Just like Tomoko, who unites the expertise of an architect with an artist’s vision in his work. The exhibition is therefore as much a stimulus for artists and designers, as for architects, which now need to operate a rapprochement to manual design, always capable of prodigious and amazing cognitive investigations, as are Tomoko’s drawings. During the exhibition dresses and scarves inspired by the works of Tomoko will be presented for the first time. Not to be missed!

Driven by curiosity and wonder, those who carefully observing the images that come their way, at some point “discover” in the plot of refined writing little signs of life therein cleverly inserted: insects, microscopic animals, birds, in some works stray “sprouting seeds” and half hidden human faces in others.
Everything under an expanse of colours, governed by the black line that defines them and renders them mats onto which deliberate gaps widen the vision like the gashes in the sky.

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